I am in controlĀ 

I am a curvaceous woman who’s confident in her sexual ability. Even when I am acting like a sub, I tell you where to cum, when to cum.

I tell you how hard to fuck me and demand that you choke me. 

You put your hand in my throat and tighten, and I giggle at the attempt. 

You give it to me rough because I tell you to. 

You slap my ass… I tell you you’re going to have to try harder and harder and harder. 

I allow you to believe you’re dominant, but I am in control. 

When you’re inside of me, fucking me, I squeeze my pussy on your cock. 

You try and hold back from cumming. 

I love making you cum before you’re ready. 

I love the look of frustration when you pull out your dick and slap it 

When I’m on top, you study my face as I study yours. 

I grab you by your hair and push your face into my breasts as I tell you to bite…

I squeeze, and you push me off of you so you don’t cum yet. 

This always makes me smile. 

You cum when I telll you to.

You cum when I cum; when my tight pussy is pulsating on your cock. 

And I’m screaming your name….

Ask permission to cum inside of me, to fill me up. 

I get enjoyment from it. 

I enjoy being in charge and telling you what to do. 

I am always in control, even when I’m not. 

Even when I allow you to be dominant. 

When I allow you to hold me down…. 

When I allow you to fuck my mouth….

It’s because I enjoy it.