The Favorite

I want to be your favorite; the best you've ever had.
I want you to think of me… remember my tight pussy
Think of my voluptuous breasts as I push your face into them
Visualize me on my knees with my back and ass pushed out perfectly, so you can fuck me deep in my pussy.
Pull my hair so you can see my neck… squeeze my neck with your big hands
Tell me how good I feel and how good I look. Tell me how soft my skin is as you bite it.
I want you to want me, and I will satisfy you…

But I don't want to feel this feeling.
This feeling of longing and lust.
This is when I use my safeword. I say it to myself, as I mentally and physically back away.
I mentally disconnect. Give myself reasons. Convince myself that detaching is logical and having feelings for someone is not.

But… I still want to be the one who sticks in your mind. The one you'll always remember.

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