Less Than Human

You've made me feel less than human.
Diseased… like I should be quarantined.
Make me feel as though my existence in this world is less than yours and like I shouldn't be here.
Maybe it is… maybe you're right.
I'm sorry that I wasted your time, but at least you were compensated.
You could have been spending it connecting with someone with characteristics that I obviously lack.
Someone who's smart enough for you
Sometimes good things are shit.
The way someone looks at you… with what you thought was admiration and lust ends up being disgust and judgement.
Just when I thought things might be turning around in my life.
Just when I thought new and exciting things may be around the corner…
The cliche "silver lining"
But here I am.. without your conversation and connection, left with memories of your hate and selfishness.

5 thoughts on “Less Than Human

  1. Wonderful writing making one realise how cruel & brutal we can be in a lovely poetic style.

    I look forward to seeng a lot more of you



    Liked by 1 person

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