She gave him her garage code so he could let himself in. “I never lock my door. I may or may not be sleeping if you come. Just close the garage behind you if you come.” She shut her bedroom door and went to bed. 

She woke to a warm body next to hers. He was gently caressing her, kissing her shoulders, and playing with her hair. She rubbed her butt on him, and she could feel that he was ready. She didn’t know how long he’d been there. She turned towards him and kissed him. He pushed her down onto her bed and passionately kissed her while on top of her. 

It had been too long. He missed her and her body. He grabbed her breasts through her shirt and kissed down the side of her neck. He took her clothes off; all she wore was a shirt and panties. He played with her breasts which filled his big hands. He licked and sucked her nipples. He loved her soft skin, dark nipples, curvaceous body. He pulled both of her legs up so he could fuck her, but first he kissed her legs, her feet, and along her hips. He quickly flicked his tongue on her clit. He was too excited, and she just enjoyed the attention. 

He slowly put his hard, long cock into her tight, little pussy. He fucked her slowly and deep, looking at her face – glancing down occasionally to watch her tits bounce a little. He began to go just a bit harder and quicker… then he stopped and pulled out. He kissed her again and grabbed her breasts. “Get on top. I want those tits to bounce in my face.” 

She got on top. He was much bigger than her… but he was muscular with broad shoulders, big arms. He stood about 6’4″. She was a petite 5’3″. She spread her lips and sat on his cock. He was comfortably inside of her, and she rocked back and forth on him – slowly starting to bounce her body on his. He placed his hands on her breasts, then her hips, then moved to her ass. There was so much of her he wanted to touch. “I love your body. I’ve wanted you so bad.” She smiled at him and sat straight up. She wanted to feel the length of him inside of her. She squeezed him with her vaginal muscles. He stared at her beautiful body. He did not see the “flaws” that she was so self conscious about. He pulled her down so her face was close to his. “I love the way you feel. I love your body.”
He held her up by grabbing her ass. He fucked her deep and quickly. As he wanted, her tits began to bounce in his face. Besides the way she felt, this was his favorite part about being intimate with her. 

He flipped her over and was on top of her again. He stared at her while he continued to fuck her. She began to moan loudly and dug her nails into his back. He grabbed her arms and held them above her head. He held her down as he fucked her into orgasm. Her pussy tightened around him, and he could feel his orgasm approaching. He finished in her and kissed her again. 

After they cleaned up, he lied down on her bed. He wanted to hold her. She lied down next to him and slightly on him. He held her, and this is when he realized that they didn’t just fuck, they made love. He stayed for a while, then he told her he had to leave. She expected him to leave…. he’s always on the go. She didn’t expect him to stay to hold her. He got dressed, kissed her good bye, and left. 

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