Her Birthday

He received a message that said, “It’s my birthday. I want to do something different. Come over. Door is unlocked.”

He thought for a moment at what she could mean. They had been seeing each other for a few months, but their sexual energy was crazily in sync. He brought out her submissive side and calmed her rebellious and dominant nature. She loved being able to put all control aside when she was with him and submit. It was perfect. He grabbed his keys and walked out of the door. 

While he walked to her apartment from his, he stopped to pick pretty flowers. He knew she was the type that hated store bought roses. He got there and slowly opened the door. Flickering candles lit up the room. She was sitting in a chair and was wearing a silky robe with her legs crossed. “Thank you for the flowers. Please put them on the table. Then take off your pants and underwear and sit there.” She pointed at a chair directly across from her. 

He did what she requested and sat down. He was about to say “happy birthday,” but she quickly interrupted him. “Shhh… you just sit there. Don’t talk. Don’t move. It’s MY birthday.” She uncrossed her legs and revealed her beautiful, hairless pussy. He began to stand. In a stern voice, she said, “I said ‘don’t move.’ So, do not move.” He sat down. He was not used to this side of her, but it was her birthday. He allowed her control, “But just for today,” he thought to himself. 

She licked the tip of her finger. She moved it from her mouth, down her neck, opening up the top of her robe – revealing a breast and nipple. She slowly circled her nipple and then grabbed her breast. She looked at him while he stared intently at her. He was eager to grab her and pin her to the wall and rip off her robe, but he refrained. She moved her hand down her belly and finally reached her pussy. She spread her lips so he could see. She inserted a finger, then two, and gently moaned. Her fingers, now wet, traveled to her clit. She rubbed it and moaned slightly louder. 

She could see his cock begin to stiffen, and he was becoming restless. She enjoyed this. “You want this pussy, don’t you? You like watching me play with it? It’s your pussy, isn’t it?” She began rubbing her clit harder and faster. She slid her fingers into herself while her moans grew  louder. He could hear the sound of her wet pussy. He inhaled deeply through his nose and could slightly smell her. He began to touch himself as well. “I said ‘don’t move,’ didn’t I?” Again, he reminded himself that it was her birthday, but he was thinking of how good it would feel to bend her over and spank her for this torture. 

She could see he was fully erect and ready. She stood and slowly walked over to him. She put her finger in his mouth. He loved the way she tasted. He bit her. She pulled her hand away and let her robe fall to the ground. She stood there, naked. She was beautiful. She was his. She got on her knees and saw a bit of cum developing on the tip of his cock. She licked it off so she could taste him. She gently rolled her tongue around the head and then slowly sucked his cock, but just for a moment. She stood again and then straddled him. She passionately kissed him and began to take off his shirt. She began kissing his neck, bit his ear, and grabbed at his skin. “Choke me,” she whispered. 

With both hands, he grabbed her by her neck. She gasped for air and smiled. She firmly grabbed his cock and slipped it into her wet pussy. He let out a primal sounding moan as his hands moved to her ass. Firmly holding her while bouncing her on his hard cock. She moved his hands so that she could ride him the way she wanted. She could feel her clit rubbing on his skin. His throbbing cock was deep within her. He grabbed her by her hair. Her breasts in front of his mouth. He pulled her closer and bit her nipples. He arched his back and hips so his cock didn’t have to leave her body. While he played with her breasts, he watched her fuck him and watched her moan. He pulled her hair harder, and she began to move quicker and harder on him. She was using his body, his cock, but he was pleased with it. He could feel her begin to tighten around him. Her nails were digging into him. 

“Do you want me to cum for you?” She asked. 

“Yes,” he said sternly. She rode him, and her moans became louder. 

“Mmmm… can I cum?” She asked. 

He moved his hand to her throat and firmly held it there. “Now you can.” On demand, her pussy tightened, and she began to move slower, but harder on him. His thick cock hit all the right spots. He watched her face as she came and could feel her become more wet. He released her throat, and she began to slow down… still moaning. “Get up,” he said. 

She stood and he bent her over. He spanked her. She giggled at first, but after she became more red, she flinched with pleasure a little each time. He stood behind her and admired her figure. He slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her hard. She pulled away and said, “Fuck me in my ass.” She turned and looked at him, “Spit on it.” 

He spread and revealed her pretty, little asshole. He did as she said and spit on it. He slipped a finger in. He removed his finger and spit on it again. He slowly began to squeeze his thick cock in her tiny asshole. He tenderly slid himself into her. She moaned loudly. He went slowly, so he didn’t hurt her. He didn’t want to hurt her. She could feel the length of his cock in her ass. It burned and pleasured her. “Take that big cock for me,” he whispered as he began to fuck her just a bit quicker. 

She turned her head and looked at him. She could see the enjoyment on his face. “I want you to cum in my ass.” He spanked her again as he fucked her ass harder. He grabbed her by her hair. She could feel him throbbing in her. She smiled as he pulled her hair harder and finished inside of her. His movement slowly ceased and he let go of her hair. 

He slowly pulled out his cock and then pinned her to the ground. He kissed her again and gently slapped her pussy. His mouth moved to her breasts as he grabbed each one; perfectly sized to fit in his hand. Then he lifted up her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He licked and sucked her clit and her pussy. He slipped in one finger… then two, three, and finally four. He licked her clit while trying to fit his fingers as deep as he could. She moaned loudly and grabbed him by the hair with both hands. “I’m going to cum!” He sucked her clit and rubbed his tongue on it as she came all over his face. She pushed his head away and smiled at him. 
On the floor, they held each other. Both of them were breathing heavily. He kissed her; she could taste herself. “Happy birthday, babygirl.” He whispered. 

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