They had a deep longing for each other; one that most would consider sinful. He wore a ring on his finger, but he could never take his eyes off of her. He loved every curve on her body and listened intently to every word she spoke. He sinfully lusted for her… day after day. 

Wanting him went against all of her morals. It went against her beliefs, but she could feel the connection and the sexual tension… she could feel his eyes on her. She knew he pictured her naked, and she enjoyed it. When she talked to him, she stared at his bulge, and watched it grow. When she walked away, she grazed her breast on his arm. She enjoyed being wanted especially by him for some reason.

He cared for her – even though he knew it was wrong. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted another woman. He couldn’t help but to imagine stripping her of her clothes and kissing her soft skin. He imagined kissing her breasts and kissing down her belly. He imagined how warm and wet her pussy would be. She was mysterious. She was exotic. She was his dream woman made into a person. He wanted to touch her, caress her, kiss her, and to be inside of her.

They agreed to meet. She waited for him. He came when he said he would. She was nervous; she knew this was wrong, but her lust for him outweighed her moral compass.  She was delighted to see him. She hugged him, and he held her close… she could feel his cock growing through his pants. Her pussy tingled, and she wanted him so much more.
He held her face in both of his hands and kissed her for the first time. He moved his hands down her body and picked her up and set her in the bed. He began to kiss her neck and fondle her breasts. He lifted her shirt so he could finally see the breasts that he’d been daydreaming of. They were so full, so enticing, so real. He grabbed her and put his mouth on her nipple. He sucked it, gently bit it, and blew on it. He unhooked her bra and took off her shirt.

He began to kiss her again and felt her pussy through her pants. He was excited to taste her, feel her warmth, and bring her to orgasm. He knew that wanting her was sinful, but he didn’t care.  He kissed along her belt line as he unzipped and unbuttoned her pants. He pulled them off.

He had been waiting so long for this. He spread her legs and exposed her vagina. He sat and stared at the perfection before him. He inhaled her sweet smell. Her lips were thin and small. Her vagina was small and pink. Her clit was swollen and ready. She was freshly shaved.

He kissed and gently bit her inner thighs while continuing to smell her sweet scent. He took a finger and gently rubbed her clit and along the slit of her vagina. He’d never seen a pussy so beautiful. He sat for a moment and studied it. He spread her lips to expose her pink, wet vulva. He slid in one finger… just as warm and wet as he imagined. He licked her clit with the entire length of his tongue and then flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. It was so soft, so warm. He began moving his finger in and out of her as he licked her little clit and lapped up all of her juices. He looked up at her; her head tilted back with a hand on her breast. He could feel the tip of his head become wet from the precum.

She rubbed her full breasts and ran her fingers through her hair. She looked down and saw his eyes staring at her. She thoroughly enjoyed this sinful, sexual encounter. She was going to make the best of it. She grabbed his head by his hair and shoved his face into her pussy. He licked harder and quicker as she forced her pussy into his face. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She had a magnetic pull to her. He wanted more of her.

The overwhelming sensation of an orgasm began to creep up on her. She moaned louder. He inserted another finger as he methodically sucked her clit. She came with force. She screamed his name and moaned as she tightened her thighs around his head.

He felt her pussy tighten around his fingers, and he could barely move them. He felt a flood of juices cover his fingers and flow into his mouth. He continued to lick her clit, and her whole body quivered. She moved his head and instructed him to take off his pants.

He stood up and undid his belt, and began pulling down his pants. She knelt down in front of him and put his hard cock into her mouth. She could taste small amount of cum that had been collecting, and she wanted more. She grabbed the shaft at the base and sucked his nicely sized cock. Her other hand massaged his testicles… beautifully shaved. She could feel his cock begin to fill with cum and began to suck more vigorously. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth and throat as she gagged on it. He pulled it out to keep from cumming completely… he slapped his cock. She could taste him in her mouth… sin never tasted so good. She licked his balls as he moaned loudly. She gave each one special attention. He moaned loudly, and she looked up and he was watching her. She put the head of his cock back into her mouth and sucked tightly. He pushed her head away. He asked her to stand. She stood in front of him… naked and exposed. He took it all in as he kissed her.

She could taste herself when she kissed him. It was so passionate. He placed her on the bed. He caressed her body and kissed her. “I want to be inside of you. Can I be inside of you?” He asked.

She smiled and nodded, “Yes, please.” Excitedly, he sat back and spread her legs again. He stared at the masterpiece in front of him. He had never seen such a beautiful pussy. He took the head of his cock and rubbed it on her clit. He spread her lips. She looked small down there. He pushed his thick head in. It was so warm, tight, and welcoming. He had never felt a pussy like this before. He laid on top of her and stared into her eyes as he thrusted his thick cock into her tight pussy. He loved it, the tightness, the warmth. He loved being inside of her. He watched her breast bounce as he fucked her. He sat up and leaned back to watch his penis enter her. It was a beautiful sight, and she was taking it all. She moaned louder as he went harder, faster, and deeper. He licked his thumb and pressed it on her clit.

She could feel another orgasm coming. He was deep inside of her and filled her completely. He rubbed her clit as he fucked her harder and deeper. Her breathing quickened as she grabbed his biceps and dug her nails into them. Warmth, overpowering pleasure, and tingling began to flow from her clit throughout her body. Her pussy tightened tremendously as she began to orgasm again. She was screaming his name. The tightness around his cock was something he’d never felt before. He put his hands on her hips and pounded himself into her tight pussy. It was so wet and warm. The smell of her filled the room. Extreme pleasure took over his body as he began to cum. She could feel him throbbing inside of her as he moaned loudly. She looked at his face and saw the pleasure she was giving him. The throbbing subsided, and he looked down at her.

They kissed. He rested his head on her chest… this was sin, but it felt so good.

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