It’s a feeling of extreme warmth that starts in your groin, accompanied by a tickling sensation. The warmth spreads throughout the body. 

A hand slips down her pants and passed her panties. Her pussy is wet. She dabs her fingers in the wetness and rubs her clit and pussy.  

The next feelings rolling through her are best described as exhilaration, desire, and longing. She flicks her clit with her fingers. Spreads her tiny pussy lips, and slides her fingers deep within herself. She moans loudly as she goes back to rubbing her clit. 

Her other hand is pulling down her pants and pulling them off. She pulls out a small vibrator. Legs spread wide. She inserts the vibrator into her wet pussy. She turns it on and begins to move the toy in and out. She moans as her feet and legs start to tingle in unison with her clit. 

She continues to rub her clit. Her fingers teasingly increasing and decreasing pressure. She pulls the vibrator from her pussy and circles her anus with it. She gently and slowly slides it in. She breathes deeply as the sting turns into pleasure. 

Her breathing becomes heavier as she begins to pant. The vibrator is in her ass. She thrusts it in and out, rhythmically, as she rubs her clit faster and faster. Her pelvic and anal muscles tighten. The vibrator becomes harder to slide back and forth. She shoves it in as far as she can and holds it there. She tightens even more and rubs her pussy and clit. 

The orgasm takes over her body. Her legs straighten and her body tightens. She moans loudly as she feels her fingers become more wet.

 She flips onto her belly with the vibrator still in her ass. She is on her knees with her ass In the air. She turns it up higher as she cums again and harder. Her moans, muffled into a pillow. Her other hand pulling at her sheets while she fucks her ass and cums again. 

Her body relaxes as her breathing begins to regulate. She gently removes the vibrator and rests her head on her pillow. Her clit is pulsating. Her pussy is wet. Her pretty, little asshole is just slightly reddened. She is content. 

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