Christie and Mary 

Christie had never felt photogenic. She focused on her flaws more than her qualities. She wanted to be beautiful. She wanted to feel beautiful. 

She set up her camera and snapped a few photos. They made her blush. They didn’t look like her. She looked beautiful. Her voluptuous breasts, her perfect curves… her body was so feminine. 

She shared the photos with a couple close friends friends who encouraged her to continue, especially Mary. Christie was the type of woman who always dressed in a tshirt and jeans; inadvertently hiding her beautiful body under those layers. 

“You’re absolutely beautiful!” Mary said. Christie blushed. Mary wanted to see her. Mary has wanted to see Christie’s body for years. “Let me shoot you.” Mary has always had an interest in photography, and Christie knew. 

Mary hugged her and held her close. She could feel Christie’s large breast against her own. She wanted to quickly undress her, but she  contained herself. She gently stroked her cheek and kissed Christie softly. This was their second kiss. The first was on a drunken night years ago. 
Christie wrapped her arms around Mary  and pulled her close. Many times she’s thought about the drunk kiss they shared. They gently kissed as Mary pulled her head back by her hair. Christie moaned in delight. 

Mary asked if she could photograph her. Of course, Christie agreed. She slowly took off her tshirt. Her long hair fell on her shoulders. She unhooked her bra, and Mary helped her slip it off her arms. Mary fixed Christie’s hair, so it looked like some of it naturally fell on her breasts. 

Mary stepped back in awe and took a few photos. Christie’s shape was perfect. “I want to see!” Exclaimed  Christie as she ran to the camera. Mary showed her. Christie stood close and her breast grazed Mary’s arm. Mary rubbed her arm on Christie’s breast and then gently touched her nipple. She set down her camera. 

Mary held her as she arched her back. She grabbed her breasts and licked and kissed her neck. She bit and licked Christie’s nipples as she moaned in delight. Mary slid one hand down to the crotch of Christie’s pants and massaged her pussy. She could feel the moisture building. Christie unbuttoned and unzipped her own pants. She knew exactly what she wanted. She began to wiggle out of her jeans. Mary grabbed the jeans at the feet and forcefully slipped them off. She slid over Christie’s panties to expose her beautiful pussy. She licked her pussy and sucked the clit. She slipped two fingers in and Christie nearly screamed.

Mary was delighted to get this response… so she continued. It did not take long for Christie to tense up. She grabbed Mary’s head, “don’t stop, don’t stop!” She begged. Christie’s moans began to grow louder as her body became more tense. Suddenly, a flow of warm juices engulfed Mary’s fingers  and ran into her mouth. Her pussy pulsated on Mary’s fingers. Mary looked up and saw that Christie was holding her camera. Mary continued to licked her clit hard as Christie snapped a few photos.

“You’re fucking beautiful, Christie…. so beautiful.”

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