“Perfect Body”

It started off as an innocent crush, which bloomed into a crazy, sexual desire. He thought he would be able to control himself, but when he saw her again – after months – she looked more beautiful, more confident. He told her this.

“I’ve put on weight. It’s just stress.” She brushed it off. No, that wasn’t it. Her curves were different and her breasts were bigger. He loved the smell of her and her small little body.

He kissed her hard, grabbing her by the back of her neck. She began rubbing her pussy on his cock through their clothes. She wanted him, and he wanted her just as bad. He ran his hands acrossed her back and across her ass. Her plump, beautiful ass. She had had children; she wore her stretch marks proudly. He thought it was beautiful. 

He undressed her. His eyes showed pure delight from finally being able to see her large breasts. There were beautiful. He gently squeezed them and licked her nipples. “Your body is so beautiful. I want to feel how you feel you.” 

She took off her pants and his. She could feel herself becoming wet. This was their first time together. He slid himself in… Her pussy was wet and tight. She was experienced and rode his big cock. She showed him how good it could be with a real woman. She sat up on his cock and played with her breasts. He placed his hands on her hips and aggressively rocked her back and forth. He grabbed her ass and bent her forward. He enjoyed her big breasts bouncing in his face when she rode him. She was good. 

He flipped her over and put her hands above her head, interlocked their fingers. He firmly held. It was passionate. He filled her deeply. He enjoyed watching her breasts bounce and watching her face. She was so tight. He couldn’t hold back, and he came. She could feel his cock throbbing as he came in her. She tightened her pussy and watched his face, listened to him moan louder. He pulled out and placed his head on her breasts. He spread her legs and watched the cum drip out of her. 

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