Your Poison

I drank the poison of your soul, and it filled me with.. What I thought was love.
You had me at your will.
I fed you, created your adult person, and helped you become a man
You had the mentality of a child, sometimes I think you still do
I tried to please you in every way possible.
I tried to keep you interested enough to be intimate with only me.
I did not see how much of a poison you were to me.
You took the person who I was, the person whom I was becoming.
I’m not sure what you did with her, but I want her back.
You made me a shell of a person.
Around you, I had no personality, no spirit, no individuality.
You kidnapped my free spirit, so that I could take care of you…
Because you could not care for yourself..
And now… I’m here, left with nothing and in debt to my own soul.
For letting you take who I was and making her disappear.
You make me fear love;
You make me fear friendship.
I’m afraid of any type of relationship.
I push everyone away.
You’ve fucked me up in so many ways.
I can not place all of the blame on you though;
I chose to drink the poison.

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