Yes, Sir

I do not know you.
I don’t know where you came from.
Have you put a spell on me?
I see you,
And I feel an instantaneous connection,
An instinct to obey,
To make you my priority.
The thought of being yours overwhelms me…
I’m soaked.
I just want to know you.
Hear you speak.
Feel your touch, feel you grab me, feel you all over me.
Feel your body on top of mine, us intertwined.
Smell you, lick your sweat.
I want to touch your skin, everywhere.
Fondle you, do everything you say.
I just want to be obedient for you.
You quiet my rebellious nature.
You rest my controlling tendencies
You ease my natural dominance into a submissive state
I don’t know what’s happening,
I don’t know what your complexity is doing to mine
I think I like it
I know I’ll enjoy it…. I’ll enjoy you
You will enjoy me – oh soooo much
Whatever you say, sir
My obedience is a dedication to you.

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