Touch Yourself

I watch you touch yourself…. As you think of me
As you imagine… Your thick cock sliding into my wet, tight pussy
You can almost feel it… As you begin to stroke yourself faster
I tell you I want you to cum… I want to see it leave your body
I want to hear your grunts and moans as you cum for me
My pussy pulsates, as you stroke faster…. Harder…
You stare intently at me… As I slide my fingers into myself
Your mouth waters, when i taste myself.
You tell me I’m sexy and that you love my voice…
I moan loudly and throw my head back as I reach for my breast
You tell me you can feel your cock filling with cum…
And now my mouth waters…
I do as I’m told…. Spread my legs and put my fingers deep into me
My desire to be with you has overtaken me…. As I plunge my fingers deeper
I moan louder…. You stroke faster…
You are moaning too.. Your body stiffens…
And your white gold shoots from your body
The primal, instinctive moans are so fucken sexy…
And my pussy is so wet… As I rub my clit and slide my fingers into myself.
I throw my head back…. And gently pull my own hair as I cum….
Fingers soaked… Sticky… As I cum for you too.

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