The Daddy Dom

When I get into the car, he demands me not to talk,
But to unzip his pants and worship his penis.
I do as I’m told. I’m his baby girl…. He’s my daddy Dom.
I only wish to please him.
With his cock in my mouth, he begins to drive.
One hand on the steering wheel…
One on the back of me head, pushing his cock deep into my throat.
He moans as I gag…. I can feel the cum collecting and his cock becoming swollen
“You like that big cock baby girl?”
I moan, “Yes,” as I nod my head
“Say it, baby girl!” he firmly demands whilst pulling my head up by my hair
“mmm… Yes, daddy. I love your big fucken cock!”
He shoves it back in and thrust my mouth until he’s finished.
And we have arrived.
He demands that I remove my panties and leave them in the car.
He kisses me gently, and glides his fingers into my wet, welcoming pussy
The anticipation has me wild and I feel that I might cum.
But he stops, stares into my eyes, and smirks. He kisses my forehead.
“You cum when I let you.”
He fixes my hair for me so I don’t look a mess
He exits the car and opens my door for me.
He kisses me again, lips so soft…. Just enough tongue to appear classy.
To make it seem as though I wasn’t just his babygirl fuck toy with his cock deep in my throat.
He takes my hand and leads me in, holds the door open for me, and gently caresses my butt cheek as I walk in.
The restaurant is crowded.
We sit next to each other instead of across from each other.
He whispers in my ear, “Put your finger in your pussy, baby girl. Now.”
I slide a single finger into my pussy.
Before I can think of what to do…. He puts my finger into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it…
Savoring me, his eyes.. So striking… So piercing
This time I nonchalantly swirl my finger in his water….
So he can taste me all dinner.
During dinner, he cannot keep his hands off of me
Playing with my clit, occasionally sliding his fingers into me, pinching my nipple through my top.
Sometimes, people glance at us… But he just smiles.
He is confident, strong. He’s a man.
I watch the bulge in his pants grow bigger.
I graze my hand across it, lightly touching and fondling him.
He kisses me, hard and sexy.
I grab his cock firmly, and he asks for the check.

When we get back to the hotel room, he undresses me quickly
He demands that I sit on the bed
He unzips his pants in front of me and allows them to fall to the floor
He presents his wonderful cock
I put it in my mouth like I haven’t seen it in years
It’s the most wonderful cock… Attached to the most wonderful man… My daddy Dom
He holds my head with both hands and fucks my mouth
He stops and sits on the bed
He signals me to lie over his legs
“Have you been a bad girl?”
“Mmmm…. Daddy, I think I have been.”
He spanks me quickly and hard
“How bad baby girl?”
“Very bad, daddy”
He spanks me harder
The last one draws tears, and he sees this
“I don’t mean to hurt my baby girl” he says as he rubs my reddened ass cheek, grazing my vagina.
He slips in two fingers and simultaneously rubs my clit….
He has me at his mercy as he vigorously finger fucks me….
This is my krytonite and he knows
He gently, gently slips a finger into my asshole.
He loves my asshole.
He throws me onto the bed, where he licks my clit
He continues to finger both of my holes…
He loves my pussy
He loves my dark lips and their plumpness
His hands are on my hips now
He stares at my vagina
“it’s so fucken beautiful, baby girl. It’s a fucken masterpiece.”
He pulls me down onto his face and eats me
The tension in my body is rising
My legs are quivering
My body is tense
I feel it coming
I am so close
And he stops.
He looks at me and says, “You cum when I let you, babygirl”
My pussy pulsates from the orgasm it was denied
He ties my hands to the bed post.
He allows my legs to be free
For the first time all night….. He slips his big, thick cock into my tight, wet pussy
Immediately, my body rages
All the anticipation has me at orgasms edge.
It won’t take much.
He thrusts deep and slowly
His thumb on my clit, gently rubbing circles on it
My body shakes and quivers as I begin to moan louder and louder
“Mmmm, Daddy! Can I cum?! Please let me cum.”
“Cum for me baby girl,” he says as he puts his hand on my throat and squeezes…
I cum even harder than anticipated
I can feel the wetness all over my legs..
All over him as he fucks me
He unties me, manhandles me, and flips me over
He fucks me hard in my pussy
He’s pulling my hips down onto his cock
So hard, so deep, but it feels soooooooooo good
He spits on my asshole and slides a finger in.
“Mmm, Daddy. Put it in my ass. Put your big dick in my tight ass.”
He gently begins putting it in
I whimper, “Daddy, it’s too big”
“I’ll go slow…. Take the pain for me, baby girl. Take the pain.”
He slowly pushes his cock in
It feels so good, but it hurts
I take the pain for my daddy.
“Grab your toy” he commands
I slip my vibrator into my pussy and turn it on
He’s fucking me hard in my ass
My vibrator hits my g spot
“Cum for me baby girl! Baby girl, cum!”
He grabs my hair and pulls it back, and I let out a scream
My body convulses rhythmically
So intense as he fucks me
I can feel my asshole and vagina twitching
My ass squeezing his cock
He pulls my hair harder as he fucks me harder
And he cums…. And he slowly let’s go of my hair…
He gently pulls out his cock…..
He keeps me in his position
So he can watch the cum drop out.
He loves it.
My reddened asshole
He kisses me and caresses my breasts.
“My babygirl, you’re such a princess”
“Thank you, daddy. Thank you.”



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