He stood about 6 feet tall
Broad shoulders, muscular arms, solid and beautiful pecks
When he kisses me, he grabs my hair and the back of my neck
Kisses so sensual, so erotic – that I instantly become wet
He treats my body like a prize…. Roughly, yet slowly covering every inch of it
And always coming back to kiss me, while pulling my hair until I can hardly breathe
He viciously bites my neck
He pulls out his beautiful, thick cock and I kiss it.
I play with his balls and the head of his penis, not forgetting the shaft
He grabs my head and pushes it down….
I can feel his penis fill with cum, and I love it, and I gag
I pull away, and when I go back I can taste the precum on the top of his penis, a sign of great things to cum.
I suck so vigorously, he pulls me head away so he does not cum… He has his own plan
I mount him, ride him..
It’s like he fills every Inch of me…. And it’s great
you’re so fucken sexy he says as he wraps his hand around my neck and pulls my hair.
I look down at him and half chuckle because I want more.
I dig my nails into his biceps, his perfect biceps…
He plays with my clit.. And i cum… And I cum… And squirt all over him.
We are soaked
He flips me over, and asks, you want me to put it in your ass
mmmmm…. Fuck yes, put it in my ass
He’s been craving it… Longing for my ass.
I’ve been teasing him with my ass
Talking about my tight pussy, saying Can you imagine how tight my ass is?
I guide his dick into my ass
Mmmm…. The pain…. I breathe heavy and put my hand on his leg…
He is in my ear, breathing just as heavy… Moaning.
I beg him to go slow… I beg him to be gentle… And he is
I tighten my ass, and he makes a noise of pleasure I’ve never heard.
Quickly, gently, he fucks me
As he cums, he grabs me by the neck and moans in my ear.

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