She’s Perfect

She’s perfect. I talk to her almost everyday, and I don’t think she knows how special she is. She tells me I’m beautiful, but she’s the beautiful one. I wish to one day meet her…. So I can show her how perfect she is. ….
I’d start by passionately kissing her, and pinning her against the wall while sliding my hand to her breast. Grabbing a handful of breast and hair, while biting her neck and ear. I’d pull out her beautiful breasts, and bite her nipples and breasts. Flick my tongue against her pierced nipples. Slowly slide my hand down her pants or up her skirt… And slide my fingers into her soaking, wet vagina. Her panties already moist. I’d love to hear her moan…. I’d take off her bottoms, get on my knees, put her leg over my shoulder and lick her clit…. Her pussy and her asshole.. Knowing her, she’d grind her pussy against my mouth just the way she likes… Until she cums all over my face.

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