They were as different as could be… Besides their dominating, yet balanced personalities.
He was tall and muscular, light hair, soft blue eyes, and an amazing smile.
She was short, curvy, dark long hair, and dark piercing eyes.
There was something instantaneous about their connection… Something amazing about how they wanted each other. The physical attraction was nothing compared to the mental magnetism. Something so appealing, yet overpowering.
He stroked her long hair and kissed her velvety skin. He had never felt skin so smooth.. So unbelievably soft. She put her hand on the back of his neck to pull him in closer. He kissed her passionately, then he bit her lip. He held both of her hands and held her there as he bit and kissed along her neck to her breasts. She made an attempt to free her hands, but even one of his hands was too strong. He loved the fight in her, and she loved to fight.
He firmly grabbed her breasts and licked her beautiful, brown nipples. He bit her there as well, but hard enough to leave a mark. She whimpered. “Did that hurt, baby girl?”
She giggled, “Just a little.”
He bit her harder and longer and she tried to wiggle free. It was a sensation of pain and pleasure which rose from this bite. “Just a little? Who am I?” He demanded.
“Daddy…” She whispered.
He continued to suck her perky nipples and bite her perfect breasts. She continued to wiggle because she knew he liked the fight. He slowly slid his finger into her wet and welcoming pussy. He slowly massaged inside of her pussy. Her fight turned into moans… And thrusting her hips into his fingers. He took them out of her and placed them in her mouth. “How does it taste, baby girl?”
“Mmm.. My pussy’s so sweet, Daddy…” She moaned.
“Let me taste.” He kissed her hard and forced his fingers back inside her tight, little pussy. She let out a moan, and he kissed her harder. His fingers went deeper as she arched her back and body towards him. He pulled his fingers out and tastes them. “Your pussy is so sweet, baby girl.”
“Thank you,” She replied.
He slapped her ass, hard.
“I’m Sorry, Daddy. Thank You, Daddy.”
He took his hand off if hers.

He spread her legs wide. He slowly rubbed her clit and along her lips. Appreciating her for every little thing that she had to offer. Including her small, perfect pussy. He slid two fingers into her wet pussy and massaged everywhere he could feel. She flexed, as she was able to flex her whole pussy. This drove him crazy because all he could think about was his big cock being squeezed by her amazing pussy. “Mmm.. baby girl..” he began fucking her quicker with his fingers. She moaned, “Yes, Daddy… mmm… yes.” She grabbed his cock. She could feel the precum on the tip of his penis. It had been collecting for a while. She massaged it. He could tell by her gaze, that she wanted it in her mouth.
He took his wet fingers out of her. He put them in her mouth, and then he kissed her…. sensually, passionately, firmly. He bit her lip as she moaned. He grabbed her by her hair and brought her mouth to his hard, throbbing, cock. She placed it in her mouth and began to kiss, suck, and stroke it. He grabbed her head and shoved his big cock into the back of her throat. She gagged, but continued. He shoved it as deep as he could. Her eyes watered and her black-mascara streaked tears streamed down her cheeks. “Good girl,” he said as he let her breathe.
He firmly placed his mouth on her pussy and sucked and licked her clit. He placed a finger in her pussy and continued to lick her clit. “I love the way your pussy tastes.” He continued to suck and lick her pussy as she squirmed and moaned. “Do you want to cum?” He asked. “Yes,” she moaned…. he bit her inner thigh. “Yes, Daddy!” She exclaimed as she corrected herself.
He took his cock and slapped it against her pussy, rubbed the tip of it on her clit. “I want your big dick in me, Daddy.” He teased and rubbed the entire length of his hard cock on her clit. Then he shoved his cock deep in her and watched as she gasped. He sensually fucked her as he pulled her hair and stared into her eyes. Her pussy was so tight. She flexed and her pussy was pulsating on his penis. Then she tightened it, and he fucked her quicker. He hit all of her spots while she moaned and scratched his back. She pulled his hair and bit his arms. She thrusted against him. She came hard. Her moans turned into screams, “Yes, Daddy. Make me cum.” He fucked her faster, deeper. Her pussy flooded as she came again. She dug her nails into his back. He pulled out his cock and came all over her big breasts. She rubbed them together for him. She loved to see it leave his body. It made her feel proud. She loved to make her Daddy cum. She dipped her fingers into it and licked them. “I love the way you taste, Daddy.”

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