One Night

Striking eyes with a little sparkle
Plump and rosy, naked lips
Smooth, soft, silky skin
A look that screams, “I’m different”
You’re attracted to the Asian fetish
To the rumors that you’ve heard
Your curiosity is sparked by the innocence I convey

My vuloptuousness… My curves… I have you thinking dirty.
But am I worthy?
I feel too deeply and think too much
People don’t like that about me
I ponder every scenario, anything that could be.
I willingly submit
I am at your will
You do whatever with my body
As I protect my soul

I’m only worth one night to you
This I already know.
One adventure, one story, one more thing of which to boast
I am passionate and memorable
I try to give it my all
Our bodies make a perfect match
Our chemistry is spot on

I preach that I will never love again
I fake that I don’t feel
Because I know, you think very little of me
I am just a body and nothing more

When you’re done with me, you go back to your life
Erase my name, my number, forget who I am
You share the story with your friends
And refer to me as “that whore”
My name has escaped you,
Because I was only worth a night to you…
One night of memorable bliss

My name means nothing to you
A vague memory of that night
You’re bundled in with all the others…
I fake self worth and even self esteem
I brag that I’m beautiful, but I know that’s not me
I am only worth a night to you
I know this to be true

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