I Touch Myself

A feeling overcomes and overwhelms me. ..
My hands caress my naked body
I firmly squeeze my breasts and twists my nipples
Sometimes I forget how big they are, so plump and soft

My imagination is flooded.. i imagine a thick, long cock that i can suck and sit on. A cock that fills me completely and stretches my tiny pussy. A cock that can stay hard and keep going until I cum all over it.
I imagine a beautiful vagina. The clit is erect. The lips are pink and plump. The taste is sweet, just like I’ve always imagined she would taste. I imagine rubbing my tongue on it, flicking the clit and sliding my fingers into her pussy. I want to hear her moan as I tease her and as I please her. I want her to scream out in pleasure as I bring her to orgasm. I want her to hold me by my hair as she cums and as her legs quiver.

Back in reality, my hand has wandered to my pussy. It is dripping wet. I taste it. Sweet. I slide my fingers into my pussy just to get them wet. I rub my clit in a circular motion. I run my fingers up and down along my lips. My lips are thin, unlike the plump ones I imagined licking before. I am so wet as I rub faster and harder. I want to cum. I think about him. Looking at my pussy and touching himself. I imagine him cumming all over my breasts. I imagine her helping me rub my clit and sliding her fingers in me. I moan loudly as I thrust my own hand and grab my breast. The orgasm is an intense pleasure that starts in my mind and travels down my body… intense pleasure from my clit that creates so much sensitivity that I cannot even touch myself.
I moan loudly to myself as I breathe heavily.
My fingers are sticky and the room smells like my pussy, but I don’t mind.

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