Two bodies melting into one. Two parts fit perfectly.
Breathing in unison.
They watch as they join, Because it is beautiful.
She moans. He groans.
He pulls her hair, As he thrusts her.
They’ve longed for this, To be joined.
Sweat drips from his brow – As he grabs her skin.
He wants nothing more than this.
He pins her without trouble, Without fight…
Because she’s already allowed him to take her.
She arches her back and he grabs her breasts
And he fucks her harder.
He finishes in her, And watches it drip out
Down her crack and onto her asshole
He slides in a finger, And she loudly moans
As he slides one, then two fingers in and out.
He continues to watch as it drips….
He is hard again and puts his cock into her mouth
She circles the head with her tongue…
His big, thick head
Savagely sucks his cock as he fingers her asshole
He stops and moves his penis to her asshole.
It’s ready now, and he slips in the head
And she gasps.
The pain… The pleasure…. All mixed into one.
She gladly takes it
Because she is his and no one else’s.
He is inside of her now
Her eyes well up with tears
He looks at her and tells her to take it
She nods her head…
He pulls her hair and stares into her eyes
She grunts and moans into her ear
He tells her to touch herself, as he fucks her in the ass
She moans, louder and louder
He says, “you can cum now.”
As she squirts all over him
Making it easier for him to fuck her
He wraps his hand around her throat as he finishes
He puts her fingers into his mouth
He pulls out his cock
And again, watches his juices drip from her

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