83 Miles

She traveled 83 miles to stay in an empty hotel room.
She had been waiting for this day.
Every time she thought of him, she smiled.
He was the only reason she was there….
Texts were exchanged and he was finally coming.
He was going to be there soon.
She did her hair and washed it twice.
Changed her clothes three times, but her outfit still imperfect.
Nothing seemed it would be good enough for him.
She waited… And waited.
She was too familiar with this emptiness that consumed her.
She was too familiar with the tears she held back.
She refused to cry. He is just another man.
A knock at the door.
A tall man, clad in a peacoat and sharp looking hat.
Eyes that touched her soul.
She tried to hide her excitement….
“I didn’t think you were coming…”
She lie on the bed and stated nervously flipping through the channels…
She wasn’t even watching TV before.
She just didn’t know what to do with her hands.
He kissed her, passionately.
He caressed her body and her soft skin.
He held her and continued to kiss her… As if he’d dreamt about it a well.
She firmly grasped his thick cock in her hand and began to massage it.
She was moaning in pleasure as he has suddenly slipped his fingers in her. He tasted her… “I love the way you taste,” he said as he dove head first into her sweet, sweet pussy.
She pleased him every way that he could. She allows him to vigorously fuck her mouth. She allowed him to eat her for as long as she wanted. She lubed him up and stroked him until he came all over her.
They lied together briefly.
He got dressed and left.
She knew she would never see him again.

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